How it works


You explain us your bug, how can we reproduce it, where can we find it, etc …


We inspect and check your website, we find the source of the issue, we send you a quotation.


Once you have validated your quote, we intervene to fix your website bug.


Bug fixed, you can return again to your activities.


Do not waste your time in the forums, or chasing after unable or incompetent customer service

We take care of all the bugs that directly or indirectly affect the websites.

Thank to our expertise in bug correction techniques, solving hosting or domain name related issues and virus disinfection for example.

The source of the bugs might be more than one, if a corrective action is possible, then we should be able to fix them according to the rules

You must know that the bug analyze is offered and free of charge. You will be charged only the estimated time needed for the intervention. We will communicate the estimated time over our telephone conversations or over the opened ticket (in any case, a ticket should be opened).

So you will only pay for the intervention to fix the bug, the amount calculated from the estimated time must be paid in advance, and of course you can either accept or refuse the intervention.

In case you refuse, you will have nothing to pay.

After having all the necessary elements, we should be able to fix the bug.

Furthermore, during the information-gathering phase, we can inform you about the feasibility of a repair, sometimes for example you may not have the necessary privileges to start the intervention.

In the worse case (we couldn’t provide a correction), you will receive a full refund of your payment.

We operate on a standard hourly rate, this rate will depend both on the intervention period and the chosen mode.

Day rate: 69€/hour HT.
Night rate: 89€/hour HT.

To open a support ticket, you must create an account on our website for free. On logging in, you will be presented with the ticket management interface.

From this interface:

  • You can manage all your tickets.
  • You can share with us all the credentials needed in a secure environment.

Each time your ticket was updated, you will receive a mail about the ticket status and the changes made.

If you want to be informed via phone, do not hesitate to ask us for it in your first ticket, we would be pleased to call you when the bug is fixed.

We are aiming to intervene when we receive the support ticket, however, you have the possibility to define the degree of importance you attach to the problem during the ticket creation.

We will inform you about the feasibility and in case of immediate intervention we will bill you according the night rate.

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