Cleaning viruses and malicious code from your website

Virus disinfection is a challenging operation, to be conducted with care. Mon Site Bug offers you all the guarantees of a rigorous work; we do what is necessary so that your website is effectively rid of viruses and malwares.

Do not let viruses and malicious code compromise the success of your online business. Trust Mon Site Bug for efficient and professional cleaning of your website. Contact us now to get a free security assessment of your site and find out how we can help you protect your online presence.

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Why is it important to secure your website with a professional solution?

Millions of cyber attacks are recorded every day. As one of the top targets of hackers, unprotected websites are exposed to daily exploits of vulnerabilities, which allow attackers to set up scripts, which allow a whole bunch of actions that will harm your visitors and your website.

As soon as a site is hacked, your business is immediately impacted, the financial consequences can be very heavy.

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How will Mon Site Bug clean up your site?

Disinfecting a website from viruses is a complex task, requiring several steps or breaking down into several subtasks. No matter what security situation your website is facing, we deploy a multitude of skills to restore a normal situation.


Situation analysis

No serious work can be done without a good analysis of the situation, we determine the type of virus, the objective of the attacker (information theft, visitor hijacking, phishing, SEO ...) and the scope of the attack.


Clean up infected files

Files may have been installed, allowing the hacker to steal information, add tools offering a range of features, or infect your visitors. We proceed to the cleaning of these.


Search for the vulnerability

One of the most critical points consists in the research of the flaw, indeed the attacker could penetrate your site only by exploiting a security flaw, we search in your logs and your files to determine the original entry point.


Patch the vulnerability

Once the flaw is found, it must be patched, either by updating one of your scripts, CMS, if available, or we implement ourselves a solution to prevent the flaw from being exploited again.

Why choose Mon Site Bug

Choosing Mon Site Bug means trusting a team of professionals who are dedicated to quickly addressing your website's security issues. Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself, as we have successfully helped numerous clients eliminate viruses and protect their online presence. Don't just take our word for it – our clients' trust and positive feedback are the best testament to our commitment and efficiency. Reach out to Mon Site Bug and join our growing list of satisfied customers who have reclaimed their website's security.

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