Website migration

Moving your website from one hosting to another with modification of the DNS


Site migration to new hosting

Mon Site Bug offers you comprehensive and tailor-made solutions for transferring your website from one host to another or for changing plans with the same host. Our website migration service provides:

  • File transfer: We take care of transferring all your files, whether it's a static site or a CMS, via FTP or SSH.
  • Database transfer: We also handle the transfer of your database, ensuring that all data is preserved and functional on the new server.
  • Custom solutions: We offer customized solutions to meet specific website migration needs, whether it's e-commerce sites, blogs, or complex online platforms.
  • DNS change management: We handle the modification of DNS records so that your site is easily accessible on the new server and to minimize downtime.
  • Rigorous and efficient process: Our migration process includes thorough testing to ensure that everything works correctly before finalizing the migration.
  • Proven experience: We have a solid track record in migrating websites of all sizes and complexities, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

No more worrying about the complications and technical issues associated with migrating your website. Trust our team of experts to provide you with a comprehensive and hassle-free migration service. Contact us today to discuss your website migration needs and to receive personalized assistance.

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Site migration to new hosting
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