Bug finder, clean up your stores

Be aware of the various php and javascript bugs encountered by customers, even if they do not inform you!


Bug Finder

Don't let PHP and JavaScript errors harm the user experience and reputation of your online store. Our BugFinder module detects and logs these errors in the PrestaShop backoffice, allowing you to quickly and effectively correct them without waiting for your customers to report issues.

By using BugFinder, you gain a competitive advantage by ensuring optimal operation and increased stability for your site. Our module is designed to be reliable and effective in detecting errors and can also function in case of a database connection problem. Information is written to a JSON file to ensure no data loss.

Investing in BugFinder ensures a better experience for your customers, improves the stability of your PrestaShop store, and anticipates problems before they become critical. Don't let errors pile up; take the initiative and secure the longevity of your online business.

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Bug Finder
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