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The First support service

independent online

All kinds of websites

Stores, corporate, blogs ...

We are in a position to deal with all kinds of issues arising in a website

All kinds of bug

Each bug has its remedy

Problem after an update, DNS problem, hosting problem, script does not work properly

Advanced customer support

We receive you with a smile

You are always given a warm welcome, service, cost and explanations were always clear

A team of passionate

At mon Site Bug, the technicians are passionate, enthusiasts of the internet mechanics, the geeks in a pure form. We like to identify and fix bugs where they are.


Have you a bug ?

We have the solution

My site is way too slow

A site whose speed leaves something to be desired will scare your potential visitors / customers, we intervene to improve it definitely

I can not configure my site

Difficulties to configure your website, your hosting, your domain name, your FTP software, you do not know how to do it, we are here

My site does not work anymore

After installing a plugin / module, after an update, blank page or error 500, we correct

I have a problem with my WordPress

You are having trouble with your theme, a plugin that does not work as it should. We have several WordPress specialists in our team

My site has a display problem

Whether on computer or mobile, it may be that after some manipulation the display to some support is broken, here we intervene!

I have a problem with my shop

Your shop prestashop is slow , WooCommerce does not work as it should, it disrupts your sales, do not worry we intervene quickly

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We will be happy to share with you this moment or the bug will be part of your past.

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