WordPress Bug, different possibilities a solution

The bug is part of the world of designing or maintaining a wordpress site and more generally any website.

It is not uncommon for you to encounter a bug on the CMS WordPress when installing it, at least as soon when you start to install various plugins and themes.

Bug when installing WordPress

They are very rare, indeed, the WordPress installer works perfectly, which can be a problem, it is to connect the database of your host to your wordpress installer.

This is the only “difficulty” you may encounter in your WordPress installation.

Maybe you could encounter compatibility issues with your PHP version …

WordPress bug after installing a plugin

These are much more common and can have a multiple and diverse origin. It is not uncommon that following the installation of a plugin you find yourself with a blank page (the most difficult to interpret at first) or that you end up with errors posted on your wordpress site or the least serious: That the wordpress plugin does not work as it should.

At Mon Bug Site we have simple and effective methods to determine the origin of a wordpress bug. Whatever the origin of this bug it’s a safe bet that this bug is correctable (more or less difficult).

WordPress bug after installing a theme

Here again the origins can be multiple and the consequences more or less problematic.

The less serious:

The simple problem of display, the problem of compatibility with a plugin, the concerns on mobile

The most serious:

The white pages, infected themes (viruses), which endanger your entire website …

The list can be very long … !

A solution for your wordpress problem

My Bug Site offers bug-fixing services for WordPress and other types of sites.

We invite you to open a support ticket now, we will guide you step step by step to determine the origin of the bug and then intervene until the complete resolution of your bug.

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